Kemdent is the registered trademark of Associated Dental Products Ltd. Based in Swindon, England, the company has always shown a clear commitment to the research and development of high quality dental materials and welcomes visits to its facilities from members of the dental profession. Kemdent products are manufactured to ISO13485:2012


Kemdent 1950'sFounded in 1922, Kemdent has grown to be a global player in the manufacture of Dental materials with dental importers and distributors helping Kemdent find markets around the world for their range of products. It is clear Kemdent customers value products that are made in England. The Kemdent brand is best known for its range of principally wax-based dental products, including Anutex wax and Tenatex wax.



Improving and maintaining the web site is an example of how Kemdent continue to develop and meet the demands of an ever changing, competitive, global market. There are many more examples.

ChairSafe Spray

The innovative, user friendly, Kemdent range of cross infection control products was introduced in 2008. It includes PracticeSafe Impression Soak disinfectant, used by Dentists and Technicians for the disinfection of dental materials including alginate, silicone and polyether impressions and plaster; PracticeSafe Disinfectant wipes for the fast cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces and small objects; InstrumentSafe, a concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments; and ChairSafe alcohol free wipes and foam for the disinfection of alcohol sensitive surfaces including the leather of dental chairs.

The features, benefits, indications and quality assurance of all the products Kemdent manufacture are listed on the new Kemdent website www.kemdent.co.uk.

In keeping with regulatory guidelines, all Kemdent products are CE marked and fully compliant; any new product to the range must be inspected and approved by Intertek, the medical suppliers governing body.
All Kemdent products are designed to give optimum results more quickly and easily. There is true value to working with the right materials. They are more cost effective in the long term and give consistent results.


Going Green – At Kemdent we are very concerned about the environment. Kemdent have been manufacturing high quality modelling waxes for 90 years. They have recently been collaborating with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and the Improve Your Resource Efficiency Service (IYRE) to develop a more ecologically friendly way of manufacturing modelling waxes. Utilising their wax manufacturing expertise and energy efficiency funding secured from the IYRE, the result has been the new Anutex eco and Tenatex eco ranges, which Kemdent believe are the world's first eco-friendly ranges of modelling waxes.

Research and Development Team

Research and Development continues to be an important factor in the key to Kemdent’s success. With support from the Medical Research Council the company is currently working on a product to develop a Glass Ionomer Cement with antimicrobial properties. Diamond a unique tooth coloured Glass Ionomer Cement was introduced to the UK in 1997 and since it was first launched, Diamond has gained a significant share of the UK market.